We work through the medium of a memory book. This book is provided free of charge, as are all the resources that will be used in sessions.  The service itself continues to be free so that no child is denied our help and support.

We will meet with a child on school premises (though some activities my be based at our office, as above, during school holidays), usually fortnightly for approximately one hour.  Eclipse will issue the child, and school,  with a visiting slip with details of the next appointment.

Initially, we will require a Referral Form to be filled in by the person who is referring (this may be school, parent, GP, school nurse etc.).  We prefer to work only with parental approval.

There may be a waiting list and, therefore, a referral form will put the child firmly on that list.  We will, however, make an initial visit upon receiving the referral form so that the child may hear what we  offer and make a decision about whether they wish to go ahead or not.  Thereafter, if there is a waiting list, Eclipse will contact the school to arrange sessions when the time arises. . Eclipse will also check that the support is still needed and wanted.  We would expect schools to contact parents/carers to make them aware.