Sometimes pictures really help grasp a situation and at Eclipse we use a number of illustrations which we believe are useful when carrying out this kind of support.

Take a picture of an earthquake for instance….after the devastation and collapse there is a change in the landscape forever. Nothing will be exactly the way it was. Before you can build again, there is a process that has to be gone through. It’s difficult to build safely without it in fact. You see people returning to their homes and sifting through the rubble, dazed through disbelief. They are often to be seen searching for the remnants of their loved ones, trying to retrieve mementoes, photos, articles that will help keep them linked to the deceased; carefully drawing out ‘treasure’ from amongst the debris. The area then has to be raised to the ground and cleared before the foundations can be built back up if they have suffered damage. They have to be reconstructed, perhaps along the old lines, maybe along new lines. Then the real building can take place. It won’t be the old building any more, but it can be a building that is pleasant, fostering new memories, bringing joy and renewed hope.

Life can look a great big overwhelming mess when experiencing the loss of someone significant.

Eclipse attempts to help youngsters to pick over the rubble to ensure there is nothing that will cause problems in the future, seek out precious treasures and assess the damage in order to enable them to rebuild their lives. This, of course, like a real earthquake, can take a long time. We are not in any rush and seek to support the child as long as it needs, so long as it continues to be a positive help.